Spring Gardening 2014

This season we will be planting an acre of medicinal herbs near Barrie, ON to include heather, witch hazel, rose, mint, lavender, rhubarb, borage, rue, nettles, black hollyhock, horehound, marshmallow, echinacea, camomile, comfrey, burdock, strawberry, raspberry, valerian, and many culinary herbs such as chives, sage, lemon balm, caraway and lemongrass.

We manage our land using only ecological growing practices. We know that in nourishing the soil, we nourish the plants and in turn ourselves.  Our goal is to grow our operation and offer local Herbal CSA during the summer months in Ontario.

The seed for our culinary and medicinal herbs are grown from organically or ecologically grown seed. All of our plants are grown, cared for, harvested and processed with a great respect and awareness of their therapeutic actions.

Cottage Botanicals Apothecary & Herb Farm is managed by University Guelph graduate, Alyson Prokop. You can find more information on Alyson, by exploring this site or visiting the Green Girl Guide.

Marion Alyson Prokop
Marion Alyson Prokop


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