Buyer Beware: Buying Used Bee Equipment

Ah, spring is in the air and you are thinking of starting Beekeeping. We’re thrilled to hear this! It is such a  wonderful, relaxing and rewarding hobby. The nectar of the Gods! And, there is no better peace than sitting on the porch on a warm sunny, spring day with a cup of tea in […] View full article →
November 05, 2015


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We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!

I just cannot get over the amazing weather this week! And neither can our girls. Hives are all to bed, but we’ve managed to squeeze an extra week of feeding into the schedule. The girls have been going through at least one 250 mL mason jar a day and you can see, that after the one week of […] View full article →

The very angry post about varroa mites.

We should have gotten to treating for varrora mites last weekend, but seeing as it was my Grammy’s 91st birthday she received all my attention. I love my Grammy. Well we got to it today. Without needing to put the screened bottom board on, our latest check was purely visual with one frame with 10 mites. […] View full article →