JULY 2016

First honey harvest of 2016 yielded almost 20L of honey from two honey supers off one hive. We have 8 hives so we'll have to wait and see what the total is! View full article →

Spring Gardening 2014

This season we will be planting an acre of medicinal herbs near Barrie, ON to include heather, witch hazel, rose, mint, lavender, rhubarb, borage, rue, nettles, black hollyhock, horehound, marshmallow, echinacea, camomile, comfrey, burdock, strawberry, raspberry, valerian, and many culinary herbs such as chives, sage, lemon balm, caraway and lemongrass. We manage our land using only ecological growing […] View full article →

Buds in Bloom

White heather is regarded in Scotland as being lucky. This tradition was brought from England by Queen Victoria where sprigs of it were often sold as a charm and worked into bridal bouquets for luck. The flowers of Heath and Heather often bloom between August and October, but many cultivars have been bred so that gardeners may have blooms year round. In […] View full article →


Our current wee collection has a total of 15 plants with 9 cultivars. Pictured is a double white autumn blooming cultivar (Aug – Oct) from our garden in Dundas, Ontario: Calluna vulgaris ‘Kinlochruel’. A true Heather, yet is remarkably resilient on our limestone/alkaline soil providing the greatest yield of flowers. Our other cultivars include ‘Glenlivet’, ‘Glenfiddich’, ‘Glencairn’ […] View full article →


Here lies the heath and heather moors between Garbh Ghaoir and Lochan à Chlaidheimh near Rannoch Station, Scotland. A lovely way to wander through the countryside and one of Alyson’s most favoured spots. Looking to camp? Wild camp away!  Just make sure you leave no trace. Scotland land laws allow you to camp where ever you like, […] View full article →

Thistles and Prickles

Where there is Heather there is Thistle, and where there is Thistle there are Prickles. Thistle, or Prickles, are a group of flowering plants characterised by leaves with fine sharp thorns on the leaf margins, mostly in the family Asteraceae (Daisy). If you’ve stepped or sat on one you’ll never forget it (much like Stinging Nettles). These prickles, or trichomes, often occur all over […] View full article →

Welcome to Cottage Botanicals – Heath, Heather & Herb Blog!

Here lies the inspiration for Cottage Botanicals Apothecary & Herb Farm: a little bit of Scotland brought to Ontario. Looking west from Kingshouse Hotel, Rannoch Moor, Scotland, you can see the Three Sisters mountain range in the background and the beautiful pink blossoms of Heather blooming in the foreground. Glencoe village is just a hop-skip-and […] View full article →