September 20, 2016


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Today’s to come, send all my love to tomorrow.

In case you did not know me: I am quite keen on classifying and teaching botany while rafting down white water rapids. I hate traffic jams hence commute biped or drive my 72 VW around town AT or below the posted speed limit. I don’t play computer games (except for Skyrim – and even then […] View full article →


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. (Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, deerit nihil.) – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Letters to His Friends, Vol 2: Books 7-12   View full article →

Spring Gardening 2014

This season we will be planting an acre of medicinal herbs near Barrie, ON to include heather, witch hazel, rose, mint, lavender, rhubarb, borage, rue, nettles, black hollyhock, horehound, marshmallow, echinacea, camomile, comfrey, burdock, strawberry, raspberry, valerian, and many culinary herbs such as chives, sage, lemon balm, caraway and lemongrass. We manage our land using only ecological growing […] View full article →

Welcome to Cottage Botanicals – Heath, Heather & Herb Blog!

Here lies the inspiration for Cottage Botanicals Apothecary & Herb Farm: a little bit of Scotland brought to Ontario. Looking west from Kingshouse Hotel, Rannoch Moor, Scotland, you can see the Three Sisters mountain range in the background and the beautiful pink blossoms of Heather blooming in the foreground. Glencoe village is just a hop-skip-and […] View full article →
May 11, 2013


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A Short History of Medicine

200 BC                Here, eat this root. AD 1000             That root is heathen, say this prayer. 1850                    That prayer is superstition, drink this potion. 1940                   […] View full article →