JULY 2016

First honey harvest of 2016 yielded almost 20L of honey from two honey supers off one hive. We have 8 hives so we'll have to wait and see what the total is! View full article →
November 05, 2015


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We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!

I just cannot get over the amazing weather this week! And neither can our girls. Hives are all to bed, but we’ve managed to squeeze an extra week of feeding into the schedule. The girls have been going through at least one 250 mL mason jar a day and you can see, that after the one week of […] View full article →
April 04, 2015


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Spring Bee Clean-up con’td …

Our ‘cottage’ hives are going strong despite the set back from us putting sugar syrup on way too early (a few days later it went down to -17C; wonder what the effects were on the sugar and whether the freezing point dropped with such a concentration of sugar:water 1:1?).  But now that the temperature is […] View full article →