Cold weather bee-haviour.

Well, we’ve lost two out of our four hives. Still trying to process the hows and whys, which I am sure will be reflected in another post. On the other hand, we were winterizing with some bee cozies and noticed some new behaviour: on one hive whenever we opened the outer cover and the inner cover is exposed […] View full article →

JULY 2016

First honey harvest of 2016 yielded almost 20L of honey from two honey supers off one hive. We have 8 hives so we'll have to wait and see what the total is! View full article →

Spring Check Up 2016: Flurries in May

Wednesday last in all the good weather we put the screened bottom boards on our hives, and added our honey supers as the bees have been loving this weather! Well, Canada being Canada, should have known that we’d still have to wait until Victoria Day to put our transplants in or to feed our ladies […] View full article →
May 15, 2016


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Web Black-out

We’ve been having some pretty serious internet wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff happening here at Cottage Botanicals. I got a notification from a customer mid-April that they couldn’t access our site – aghast, it almost took a month going between service reps at our hosting server, then deciding to switch to a new host who […] View full article →

Buyer Beware: Buying Used Bee Equipment

Ah, spring is in the air and you are thinking of starting Beekeeping. We’re thrilled to hear this! It is such a  wonderful, relaxing and rewarding hobby. The nectar of the Gods! And, there is no better peace than sitting on the porch on a warm sunny, spring day with a cup of tea in […] View full article →
November 05, 2015


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We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave!

I just cannot get over the amazing weather this week! And neither can our girls. Hives are all to bed, but we’ve managed to squeeze an extra week of feeding into the schedule. The girls have been going through at least one 250 mL mason jar a day and you can see, that after the one week of […] View full article →

Hunting Mad Honey

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I can hear my internal Dalek waging war inside my mind. But instead of waging war against all humanity and The Doctor it is: extraction! Extraction! EXTRACTION! Our final autumn honey flow is on! We’ve actually ran out of room – not enough shallow supers, but plenty of frames so we will need to make […] View full article →

Queen Debacle: Episode 2

By: Dan Working on bees is definitely testing my patience. Buzzing around your head incessantly, attacking your ankles and causing undue hardship. Worst of all, taking care of an organism where they create only one that is the lifeline of the entire colony; that’s stressful. The bee Queen has been my Achilles heel since the […] View full article →

The very angry post about varroa mites.

We should have gotten to treating for varrora mites last weekend, but seeing as it was my Grammy’s 91st birthday she received all my attention. I love my Grammy. Well we got to it today. Without needing to put the screened bottom board on, our latest check was purely visual with one frame with 10 mites. […] View full article →