January 19, 2017


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Been down and out for the better part of the week with a cold that quickly escalated to a UTI, now a fever. But alas, things are subsiding and one more day and I’ll be right as the rain outdoors. Now being sick tends to leave one with lots of time to themselves  – time to nap, time […] View full article →

Lettuce be lovers, We’ll marry our fortunes together …

Valentine’s Day and Family Day are just around the corner and we couldn’t help but create these punny vegetable greeting cards! Oh how I love graphic design, vegetables and free stuff! Until February 15, 2016 I will have this cute set of 6 downloadable greeting cards available for FREE from Cottage Botanicals just because OLIVE YOU! Shameless […] View full article →

February Give Away!

Wharton Willie promised us 6 more weeks until spring so we got super excited and thought we’d give away a a beautiful veggie calendar each month (ie. I got bored after work one day and decided I’d graphic design it up). Roll on over to our main website for our February calendar celebrating Swiss Chard! Go here: February 2016 […] View full article →


If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. (Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, deerit nihil.) – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Letters to His Friends, Vol 2: Books 7-12   View full article →