Tinkering with Tinctures (and liniments)

I found myself last Sunday at Westfield Heritage Village, yet not in interpretive costume. I had just stopped in to water the plants in the greenhouse, and of course dilly-dallied by visiting my two other favourite spots: the apothecary and the print shop. Brandon and Jeff in the print shop had been quite busy and came up with this fantastic advert. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to experiment with some herbology!

So last night, as a birthday festive activity, I broke open my 1920s copy of The Herbalist and prepared a heather tincture and this liniment.

As the advert states, it is a general cure all so the liniment I have prepared should be very strong and useful for reducing inflammation of the muscles, cleansing wounds, and soothing insect bites.

It contains lavender for it’s antiseptic properties, red pepper which is warming and stimulating, calendula and heather (anti-inflammatory), peppermint for its cooling effects, and calming chamomile. These herbs will also help increase circulation in areas where muscles are sore. So, after a good 4 weeks maturation in alcohol and witch hazel (to aid in softening the skin) I shall rebottle and add some camphor or menthol for that lovely “icy-hot” feeling that we love so much on sore muscles.

Who knows, maybe we could actually sell it at the General Store?

If you are unfamiliar with some of the herbalist terminology I would suggest a quick browse here.


Marion Alyson Prokop
Marion Alyson Prokop


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