Adopt-a-Hive | Beekeeping | Seasonal Adoption

Adopt-a-Hive | Beekeeping | Seasonal Adoption


Adopt-a-Hive and be buzzing about it all year round! 

Each adopted hive comes with its very own certificate of adoption and a little bit of background as to what it does as a Buckfast colony.

Best of all, each purchase goes towards a real beehive, helping the honeybee population recover and supporting honeybee related initiatives in our colonies.

Adopt-a-Hive Thank You Package: When you adopt a hive for a season with Cottage Botanicals you will receive an initial Thank You package in the mail or we'll convince Dan the beekeeper to cycle it to your home. Your thank you package, whether for yourself or a friend includes an Adopt-a-Queen and Adopt-a-Hive certificates, an Adopt-a-Bee gift set which comes artfully designed and includes a sample of our Honey Bee tea, bee stickers, printed copies of your adoption certificate, a fun infographic full of amazing facts about honeybees, and a blank thank you card - all printed on 100% post-consumer recycled / biodegradable materials - bee-cause we care.

In addition you will receive a full tea tin of Honey Bee tea, and 75% of the honey from the season's harvest! You have full creative luxury to name the hive, and the queen, and an opportunity to join us during harvest time to try your hand at extracting honey, and the knowledge that we'll do all the heavy lifting, maintenance and organic treatments to keep the bees happy for another season.

Pretty sweet, eh? It's beekeeping with no 'stings' attached!


Learn more about our Adopt-a-Hive program by downloading our information packets here:

Understanding Hive Costs

Adopt-a-Hive Information Packet


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