Made by a Botanist

Made by a Botanist

COTTAGE BOTANICALS was born out of a love of plants. All the materials used - from the lovely and vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, minerals, and oils, to the glass containers and biodegradable plant packaging - these are designed to evoke the natural botanical beauty in nature.

Modern Apothecary

The inspiration for a modern apothecary and herb farm began when I was at university training as a plant pathologist and field botanist. Both jobs offered a lot of time to contemplate the awesomeness of the plant kingdom, and as I began to understand and appreciate the lore of healing herbs, I started adapting historic recipes found in nursing and herbalist books from the 1880s to 1920s.

No more cod liver oil, and unregulated amounts of monkshood, but what I did discover is that I could take ancient remedies and apply them to modern life.

Discovering Ancient Remedies

Having relied on my training as a biologist, herbalist and horticulturalist I create unique blends that support the mind, body and soul. Of course I've added an unwavering love of plants (and a certain amount of nerdiness and geekery) to the products in an effort to excite everyone from teenagers to adults to engage with nature.

Working full time at a botanical garden, I come home each and everyday with compost-encrusted hands and mud on my face from teaching kids and students to love gardening, and it has helped inspire me to develop products that are not only completely organic - but ones that use whole botanicals - not just essential oils.

Bring Organic Botanicals to your life!

So, whether you are a city dweller or love the outdoors and working with the soil, you can be assured that our wild harvested botanicals, our cultivated mint and rose petals, and wild violets are grown and selected with the utmost care.

I hope you enjoy these organic products as much as I do and I hope they bring you a little bit closer to nature.

- Alyson, Cottage Botanicals