We were born out of a love of plants. All the materials used - from the lovely and vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, minerals, and oils, to the glass containers and biodegradable plant packaging - these are designed to evoke the natural botanical beauty in nature.

It is no joke that we are huge geeks and nerds. As a trained plant pathologist and field botanist you have a lot of time to contemplate the awesomeness of the plant kingdom. There is also a lot of downtime in the winter to write reports, order seeds, do statistics OR you could watch your favourite TV shows and movies ... (Firefly, TNG, Doctor Who). Eventually I realized that I needed to infuse my two passions (the plant nerd, and the sic-fi fantasy geek) to provide others with exceptional quality botanicals, and organic teas - but with a twist.

Well, I work full time managing over 15 urban agriculture plots across my local metropolis where alongside volunteers we donate the produce to local food banks. We are our own local superheros where we fight poverty through gardening. I've worked as an outdoor ed teacher, community garden coordinator and field botanist. In all I come home each and everyday with compost-encrusted hands and mud on my face from teaching others to love gardening. My husband and I are also beekeepers and drive a 1972 VW Beetle, we have three cats, Gandalf the Grey, Thorin Oakenshield and Nigel. Did I mention the ringtone on my phone is the Harry Potter theme?

Our products are organic, and all natural. They are good for you and they have some wickedly nerdy packaging too. We grow local without chemicals, source local, and import certified Canada and USA organic. We have not yet figured out how to grow tea in Canada. Perhaps this is our next adventure.

Only in Skyrim will you find unregulated amounts of monkshood, and hopefully what I have achieved is a certain amount of awesomeness that you will come to appreciate and enjoy.

We make sure to source ethically, we don't package in plastics but only use biodegradable recycled papers to reduce our footprint, we delivery locally by bike in the summer, our blends are unique to us, we love plants and the earth, and we love what we do.

So, whether you live in a grand metropolis or prefer to explore bold new worlds through travelling you can be assured that you will find your geeky inspiration in our wild botanicals.