Horsetail | Organic Dried Herb | Equisetum arvense

Horsetail | Organic Dried Herb | Equisetum arvense


Latin Name: Equisetum arvense

Horsetail is historically used in tea, tinctures and encapsulations.

The historic use of the herb is as a diuretic which gently causes stimulating increased urinary flow. This herb helps "flush" infectious bacteria out of the bladder without altering the body's balance of electrolytes.

Horsetail contains an impressive amount of silicon, a chemical element critical in the growth and regeneration of bone and connective tissues. For this reason, horsetail is regarded as one of the best herbs for treating bone fractures and tendon and ligament injuries, and is found in many natural shampoos as it helps strengthen the roots.

Usage: prepare an infusion using 1 heaping tablespoon per cup of water; or 1:1 dry plant liquid extract: 30-60 drops in a little water 1-4 times per day.

**A loving reminder: Medicinal plants deserve a great deal of respect and a strong measure of common sense and a bit of education is always recommended before administering any herbal remedy on yourself or anyone else. Don’t forget to research! Learning about plant id fun.

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